Home sweet home is the best place on earth. But what if an incident causes damage to your home or office? The insurance claims process can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so why not have a representative that advises you and provides you the positive outcome you are looking for. A public adjuster is a professional […]

Fire insurance is property insurance that provides coverage for loss or damage to a structure damaged or destroyed in a fire. Homeowner’s insurance usually covers fire damage but it may be capped at a rate that is less than the cost of the losses accrued, necessitating a separate fire insurance policy. It is crucial to […]

Homeowners Insurance helps provide financial protection for your home and personal belongings. There are typically four basic categories of coverage which are as follows: Coverage A or Structure or Dwelling One of the basic coverages of a homeowners insurance policy is dwelling protection, which helps cover the structure of the home in which you live […]

If you have had your home insurance claim denied, you need to know the options you still have available. Having a home insurance claim denied can be devastating, so you should look to challenge the decision in any way you can by reading your policy, understanding the reason for the company’s decision, and working with […]

Well it depends on which type of insurance adjuster you are talking about. There are a three main types of insurance claims adjusters, which are as follows: Staff Adjuster: A staff adjuster works full-time for one insurance adjuster firm exclusively and is responsible for determining coverage of claims. Independent Adjuster: Independent adjusters work as contractors […]

Dealing with property damage can be confusing. Hopefully this will help you understand how the insurance companies calculate your initial property claim payment. If there is coverage for your claim, the first payment you receive will be the Actual Cash Value (Replacement Cost Value minus Depreciation) minus your Deductible. Example 1 Five years ago, you […]

Sometimes there is a disagreement over the insurance company’s valuation of an insurance claim. Policyholders often think the only way to settle the dispute is to hire a lawyer. Fortunately, this is not the case. Appraisal is an alternative method. California Insurance Code requires the appraisal procedure to be contained in every policy containing fire […]

Water damage is a prevalent cause of disaster and frustration for homeowners. The majority of all US basements experience water damage during their lifetimes. Before we dive into insurance coverage, let’s first discuss what a slab is. The foundation, or the “slab”, holds much of the guts for your home. Piping set in the foundation […]

Water damage is one of the most common causes of home insurance claims. Claims due to water damage impacts 1 in 50 homeowners each year. Due to the high frequency of water damage claims, many are left to wonder what is covered and what isn’t? Water damage done to your home is covered by a […]

If disaster strikes, you’ll want enough homeowner’s insurance to rebuild the structure of your home, replace your personal belongings, pay for unforeseeable costs if you’re unable to live in your home and protect your financial assets in the event of liability to others. While your insurer will provide recommended coverage limits for the structure of […]

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